Alive Joyfully with Maren Dancer
Be the Best You can Be

My Name is Maren Dancer. To find the best You is my goal.

From very early on, I have struggled with my health. What is more important is that, with alternative health practices, personal development, study, and a largely vegetarian way of life, I have succeeded in attaining and maintaining vitality to the point of being able to indulge in my main passion, swing dancing, several times a week.

Communication is another passion. I love to co-create vibrant relationships. A consistent aspect of my life has been my drive to be of service to others. Undoubtedly a people person, I embrace and accept everyone.

A few career highlights that have brought me here today:
Developed a heath food business. Home schooled two of my three children and wrote a book on the subject. Formed a 30 shareholder community on Galiano Island. Ran shared houses, den mother to many. Continuously involved in Personal Development and Leadership with Landmark Education.

Let us explore what we can do for you.
   Alive Joyfully with Maren Dancer