The latest “kid on the block” – episode #4

At about the 4 week mark, I became bored, restless…and experimental. The next foods I introduced were goat and sheep cheese. I hadn’t eaten cow’s milk…cheese…in close to 50 years but I wondered if it wasn’t the lactose, but rather something else that had bothered me…plus I had come to understand that cheese from goat and sheep, (particularly European) wasn’t as allergenic as North American and therefore, were often better possibilities than from North American cow’s milk. I’m still not sure about all this yet, for myself. So far, I can say that they seem better than cow cheese but not A-1.

In my experimenting, I added chocolate…but again, because chocolate is mixed with so many other ingredients, it’s hard to single out if it’s the chocolate bothering me – or one of the many other ingredients. I am better on simple foods than on complex mixtures.

I think some nuts bother me – and perhaps not others. Again, I will have to carry out a rigorous allergy testing in order to figure that out. Nut butters seem better for me than nuts – and I’m guessing that the creamy and oily nature of nut butter is better for me, digestively than the abrasive quality of nuts.

I added in olives, miso, Bragg’s amino acids, Miracle noodles (which seems just a vegetable). They all seem fine. Millet and sorghum both seem fine – the only grains that are on the lectin-free diet (but even then, these are both to be in moderation). I ate the odd fig and it seemed okay (that was the only fruit – which is, of course, on the “No list”). My thoughts on fruit are, seeing fruit is allowed in moderation, in season, then if out of season, still eat only fruits that had been locally grown. That would allow me apples, pears, plums, and berries.


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