The latest “kid on the block” – episode #2

I have been following this “lectin-free” diet for about three months  – although the first three weeks I spent getting myself off foods that were on the NO list. There is a YES list! But my challenge lay more in what I must not eat if I wanted to be free of lectins…and by this time I was really curious to see if these lectins might be the cause of my compromised health!

My first three weeks were an emotional roller coaster – and I found out how attached I was to many of the foods that were on the NO list. However, I hung in through sheer determination…and much to my surprise, foods that I had previously disliked, I now found to be not only palatable but moreover, even delicious!

My learning curve was huge. I began with the book before I tried the diet. The reading was too slow and I was impatient, so I began to jump through it. The book was well marked with good headings, was easy to find, and an excellent index. After I got the jist of the philosophy, I jumped forward to two lists called The Yes List and The No List. I was horrified by what I saw on these lists. At first glance, it seemed that my favourite foods were on the No List; and I didn’t see much on the Yes List that I liked to eat. So I moved to the Meal Planning and Recipe sections to see hat the Action Plan looked like. That was a all a very emotional experience – I ran the whole gamut for a few days. Meanwhile, I poured over this information and tried to decide if I was going to try it or not. After a few days, I decided, Yes, I was going to at least give it a chance. My friend was a few months ahead of me in reading, thinking, and trying it and felt it was worth me testing it out.

True to form, I dove right in. I have a lot of advice for others following me – decide to do it, and then prepare! There are several things that would be helpful and make it a less stressful experience. It is labour-intensive and sometimes, particularly at first, I didn’t have the right equipment, or the right foods on hand. The main helpful things would be to enlist the active support of a friend or family member – particularly in the first few days and couple of weeks. Things that would be helpful would be someone to be on hand at first to help with the making of the food on the 1st and 2nd days. Also, someone who can make a shopping trip and bring missing things. Someone who can re-organize your fridge and kitchen equipment and foodstuffs so just the useful ones are available.

Other helpful prep would be to go through one’s fridge – to eliminate dead stuff, free up the front of every shelf for lectin-free foods.

Then make a shopping list of foods needed during the 1st week (see Meal Preparations).

Write out Meal Plans for the first week. Make sure you have all foods on hand you need for those meals.

Make sure you have the equipment to do all needed preparation, i.e. lemon reamer, food processor to chop veggies up finely; blender or some equipment that will make a Smoothie. And so on. I didn’t prepare for any of this and was often scrambling and really hungry by the time I prepared the next food!

To be continued….


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